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Charter of the professional duties of french journalists

le 16 août 2002

A journalist worthy of the name :

- assumes responsibility of all that he writes ;

- considers the slander, unfounded accusations, alteration of documents, distortion of facts, and lying to be the most serious professional misconduct ;

- recognizes the jurisdiction of his colleagues as the only one which is sovereign in matters of professional honour ;

- accepts only such assignments that are compatible with his professional dignity ;

- renounces to invoke an imaginary title of quality, use disloyal means to get information or take advantage of the good faith of anybody ;

- does not receive money in a public service or a private enterprise where his status of journalist, his influence and his relations may be made use of ;

- does not sign articles of commercial or financial advertising ;

- does not commit any plagiarism ;

- does not claim the position held by another colleague nor does cause him to be dismissed by offering to work under inferior conditions ;

- keeps the professional secrecy ;

- does not make use of the freedom of the press with profit-seeking intentions ;

- demands the freedom to honestly publish his information ;

- respects justice and gives it top priority ;

- does not confuse his role with a policeman’s.

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